Falling Off a Log

By Driver

Chapter 11


"I know."

"This isn't right," I said.

"I know."

"Is it?"


"We both got hardons from kissing. That never happened before."

"We never kissed like that before. What are you getting at?" He asked.

"I ... I liked it. A lot. Now I'm scared. I mean .. you always kissed me. I always kiss you. It was always like we were friends. You just told off your father off because of it. We're just friends. Now we both got hardons."

"Probably the mayonnaise."


"Mayonnaise always gets me horny."


"It does, man! You take the lid off a jar of mayonnaise and WOOP! I'm pointin' at the sky! I mean, just think of the possibilities with that stuff. And I had big gobs of it on my sandwich."

This was classic Scott. Say something serious and he'd come up with something so off the wall we'd start laughing like idiots.

"You still hard?"


"Let's go in the woods and take care of it."


It wasn't to be. I heard my mother calling me to leave.

"Joey - School tomorrow!"

"You still hard?" I asked.

"Not any more."

"Let's go, then."

We walked back down to the house. .

"I gotta get my guitar." I said to nobody in particular.

"It's in the car," my Dad said.

Scott's Dad handed me a small paper bag. It had a bunch of tapes in it. My tapes. Scott's tapes. Scott and me. Together. On tape.

"Thanks Mr. Joh .. uh can I call you ... you know?"

"Mr Johnson is good." He smiled that toothy smile. "Joey, I can't tell you how glad I am right now. Glad that you know everything, that you're willing to try a band. For the friend you've been to Scott, and all of us, and especially that there's no more secrets. I'm sorry it took so long to tell you."

I looked down, suddenly embarassed. I leaned into him and hugged him. Thanked him over and over for the guitar. Promised to take care of it.

"Bye Joey." Scott's Mom said. "Be good. And learn lots of new stuff. @@@@@ will be wanting lessons now!"

Everybody laughed.

"Bye, punk," Dave said.

"I know what you were gonna say before!"

"No way!" Big grin.

"Off the stage or on the stage?"

He broke down laughing. Hopeless.


"What?" he asked, turning.

"Don't I get a good-bye?" I asked.

I hugged him. Kissed him on the cheek. Like always.

"Bye, Joey."

"Bye, Scott.. BYE EVERYBODY!"

We got in the car and drove off.

... continued

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