Falling Off a Log

By Driver

Chapter 16

Neither of really knew about kissing. We were just holding our lips together lightly and making little movements. We laid back across the bed, adjusting our embrace to the new position. I went to wet my lips a little with my tongue and accidentally brushed Scott's mouth with it. He reacted with a little jerk of surprise. A few seconds later, he did the same thing with his own tongue. I couldn't believe how erotic it felt. I put my tongue back out a little through my lips, and it found his. The tips of our tongues became as involved in the kiss as our lips were. I was in a bit of an uncomfortable position, so I moved a little bit more onto my side, only to suddenly feel Scott's erection pressing into my thigh. I pretended not to notice, and continued kissing him, but he began to slowly hump his dick against my leg. It felt really sexy having him do that, but I suddenly had a little panic attack and pulled back from him.

"Scott, man. We gotta stop!"


"This is so ... weird. I mean, we're both boys. It feels good and everything, but I'm getting scared."

"I love you, Joey."

"And I love you, too. I love you the best. But I don't wanna do this. Not now, anyhow."

I think the realization of what we had been doing got through to his brain, because he suddenly started to blush. "Oh, man. This is weird stuff, isn't it? I mean, I was really turned on. I probably would have came in my pants in another two minutes."

"I think I would'a, too."

"I think I better do it now. I got so close, it'll hurt if I don't."

I still had my button-down shirt on from school, so I pulled the tails out to hide my boner, and ran down to the kitchen. I grabbed a couple of sodas and filled my back pocket with a bunch of paper towels from the roll. I didn't encounter either of my parents, so I just ran back upstairs and locked my door behind me.

I put the sodas down and divvied up the towels.

We sat across the bed with our backs against the wall, side by side. We pulled our pants and underpants just down past our butts. We checked out each other's dicks. Still a matched set. Both rock hard, Scott's a little wet and shiny on the tip.

We set our hands in motion. Relief was on the way!

"This ain't gonna take long."

"No." Not enough air in the room for two syllables.

I fondled my balls with my left hand and jerked with my right. I was watching Scott, and he was watching me. We did this all the time.

It hadn't been a minute when Scott grabbed his paper towels and started to shoot off into them. As many times as I'd seen him cum, it always fascinated me. We were fourteen, so the amount was not impressive. It was the act itself. It's not there, then suddenly it is. You sure know when you're going to cum yourself, but you can't tell just when someone else is ready to.

I looked at his face for a second. His eyes were open, but he wasn't looking at anything. His mouth was open about half way, and he was breathing hard. Almost gasping.

I felt my own nut rising and grabbed the towels. I mis-judged. The first shot was weak and landed on the paper, but the next one went six inches farther and ended up on my shirt. This was followed by a couple of little spurts that didn't really go anywhere, just ran down onto my hand. It took me a minute to come down.


"It'll wash off."

"I know, but it's gross. I gotta wear this thing once a week."

I wiped my softening dick off and pulled up my pants. Scott did the same. We carried our towels into the bathroom and flushed them. I got a sponge from under the sink and started to clean up my shirt. I guess I got it all, but I got it pretty soaked.

Then we washed our hands and went back to my room.

"Feel better?" I asked.

"Much better. Joey, I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry. I just don't know what's with us. It's not right, is it? It feels good, but then I feel like ... guilty. Not guilty ... ashamed."

Scott looked down, "I know. I'm glad you stopped before 'cause I don't think I would'a. I wasn't even thinking, and it felt so good. I like ... lost control."

"I could tell. I was the same way for a while, then it got too strange. You were humpin my leg, Scott. And gettin off on it. And so was I." I looked at him. He seemed a little nervous. I smiled, "Would you care to explain yourself, young man?"

He grinned. "Well, you see, sir ... it's like this. I have a condition ... a reaction ... sort of an allergy ... to certain foods. Raspberry jam is one. Mayonnaise is another. These things immediately turn my brain off and my dick on. There's this kid Joey - my best friend. He know this about me and I'm pretty sure he keeps slipping these things into my meals. He denies it, of course, but I think seeing his little friend running around with a hardon somehow turns him on. In fact, I'm sure of it. Why else would he always be the only one there when this happens to me?"

"Now, now, Scott. Don't start blaming your problems on your innocent friend. Hasn't he taught you everything you know? Led you along a path of happiness and virtue? Defended you from the evils of the world?" I was losing it, and broke up into laughter.

"Innocent FRIEND?! Virtue? Cut me a break, Joe!"

We both laughed for a while, then sat side by side on the bed yakking about all kinds of stuff until Mom said it was time for Scott to go home. She offered to drive him and I went for the ride. I was in the front and Scott was in the back, so when we got to his house I got out of the car and gave him a hug. "See ya tomorrow, Scott."

"Okay, Bwana. You're OK?"

"Yeah. I just think we should cool it until we figure things out."

"Me, too. Uh, Joey?"


His most evil grin. "What's that on your shirt?"

I cried, "You little prick!," as he ran laughing up to the house..

On the way home I was quiet. I was thinking of what took place that night. About what it meant. About our kiss. About our tongues touching. About feeling Scott's boner humping into my leg. I was getting another hardon.

... continued

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