Falling Off a Log

By Driver

Chapter 25

We ran up to the house and went in the kitchen. We were suddenly surround by goblins, fairies and pirates. I had totally forgotten that it was Halloween. Scott's little brother and sisters and their friends were all asking how they looked. One of the twins was dressed like, I guess, a movie star. In like a pink gown with balloons or something for breasts. She came up and asked "See my big tits?" We all laughed. She was so cute!

My Dad was there. We were waiting for Mr. Hensley since he was borrowing a van to go and get Nick's stuff. Scott's father was taking the kids out trick-or-treating. It was a little bit of a madhouse, but it was a happy place. Scott's Mom was taking pictures of the kids in their costumes and having a ball. I backed my father into a corner and hugged him. "Thanks, Dad. You're the best. Nick said how you took care of his stepfather. I wish I could'a heard it."

"I'm just glad that things are going to work out. We've gotta move fast when Hensley gets here. We'll only have maybe an hour at Nick's house. It's Halloween and we're going to have to drive slow. And your Mom's pretty pissed about being home alone."

Keith and his father walked in just then. Keith went right over to Nick and put his arm around his shoulder. They were talking about something, but I couldn't hear. They looked pretty happy. My Dad said we should hurry, so Keith and his Dad, me and my Dad, and Scott and Nick left. Scott's father said he'd see us at my house later. The two men sat in front, I sat in the middle with Keith, and Scott and Nick sat in the back. I'd never seen Nick's house, and it was pretty nice. New, and bigger than mine or Keith's. Scott's house was huge, but it was about a hundred years old. It was comfortable, but nobody ever accused it of being nice. There were lots of trick-or-treaters coming and going, and I could see Mandy handing out goodies from the front door.

We walked up to the house and she asked us to take over giving out goodies - she wanted to talk to Nick for a minute. They were only gone for a little bit, then she said she wanted to talk to me. Nick asked Scott to take over trick-or-treat duty and everyone else went to get his things.

I was nervous. Very nervous. I'd never talked to a girl alone before. And this was Mandy Fleming! She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the kitchen. She was just getting me to follow her, but the feel of her hand in mine was a totally new sensation. One that I could get used to very easily. When we reached the kitchen she turned around to face me and grabbed both my hands. I was positive that a whole new shade of red had just been invented.

"Joey - promise me you'll take care of Nick? He's had such a bad time here - he's been so miserable. My Dad's been a real dork with him. I can't stand to watch it, but it goes on every day. My Dad's a nice guy in every other way, but he can't stand how Nick is. It's so awful! And I love Nick. It doesn't bother me what he likes. He's been happier the last few days than I've ever seen him. He doesn't feel like he has to be a loner anymore, like he finally has real friends that just like him, and he's really coming out of his shell. Then yesterday happened, and he wasn't here this morning. Joey, I was so scared! I couldn't imagine what he'd do to himself! My mother was totally in a panic 'til your father called. Even my father was worried. He knew he pushed too far last night, and he really felt bad about what he said. Just promise that you'll never hurt Nick. Please?"

I found my voice. "I promise, Mandy. I'd never hurt Nick and I know it's been tough. Did he tell you that his real Dad's moving here and gonna live with him?"

"Mom told me. I think it's the best thing. His father is really nice, and he really loves him. I just wish my Dad wasn't such a moron about this. He started out really liking Nick until ... well, you know." She was looking into my eyes.

"We all love Nick, Mandy. He'll be okay. I promise. My personal best promise. Just to you."

I couldn't believe I'd just said that.

"Oh, Joey! Thanks!" She hugged me. I could feel her softness, her breasts pressing into my chest. Her scent was mesmerizsing. Her strength was surprising. I thought my ears might catch the ceiling on fire! She broke her grip on me and took my hand again, led me out into the front hall. Scott was dropping goodies into goblin bags, apparently having fun.

There was a bunch of laundry baskets at the bottom of the stairs filled with Nick's clothes and school things. My Dad came down with Keith carrying another basket and saying that was the last of it. Mandy was still holding my hand. They looked at us. My Dad's eyebrows went up about a foot. Keith looked stunned. Nobody said anything. I let go of Mandy's hand and started to help carrying stuff to the car. When we were outside, Keith asked if I got her phone number. Oh, shit!

I went back in. I was tongue tied. I looked at Mandy and she looked back at me kind of expectantly. "Um, Mandy - if you ever want to come see Nick, you don't need an invitation. And you gotta hear us play sometime. And ... um ... ah ... wanna stop for ice cream one day after school? We could ... you know ... talk and stuff?"

She took both my hands again. Looked right at me. I looked back, not really embarassed anymore, but wondering.

"Sure. That'd be nice. Just let me know when. And, Joey?"


She leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks. For everything you're doing."

When I walked outside for the last time, if any astronaut or alien up there in outer space felt the need to locate me I'm sure they could spot my ears from a million miles up. With the naked eye. When we got back in the van Keith and Scott were teasing me to no end. My Dad and Mr. Hensley weren't much better. Nick didn't join in, but he reached over the seat and put his hand on my shoulder. "Nice going, Joey. She's real special."

When we got to my house there were some ghosts getting their treats on the front porch. One thing about my Mom, she always gave out the full-size Snickers and Milky Ways. It was more expensive than the little ones you could get in a bag but she figured, what the heck. These little kids went to all the trouble to get dressed up and everything. This might be the only real candy bar they got all night. Usually her and Dad had a ball on Halloween. They had a little speaker next to the porch and a microphone inside. They could scare kids with noises that came from behind them after they rang the doorbell. Our house was always popular with the kids. My folks were pretty fun, especially on Halloween.

We lugged all of Nick's things up to my brothers' room. It was a lot bigger than mine, with two of everything. They were twins, but they never shared anything. They actually had put a duct tape stripe down the middle of the room once, so they each had their own side. We just dumped everything there, telling Nick he should put everything away so he knew where it was. Dad thought to show him where the bathroom and linen closet were, and how to work the shower, which was a little different than most.

We went back down to the living room and Dad showed Scott and Keith how the microphone thing worked. There weren't many kids coming anymore, but they had fun scaring the few that did. Nick and I sat on the couch, Mom and Dad in chairs facing us. Dad explained our few house rules - being on time and everything, and calling if you couldn't. There wasn't really a curfew on weekends, but being tired was no excuse for anything. He said Nick wouldn't be there long enough to have regular chores, but he should help out when he could. My Mom asked him if there were any special things he liked to eat. That was kind of a bogus question since she made what she made, and I doubted she'd try anything new for him or anyone else. He'd already had her meatloaf, and tactfully said she could make that every night and it'd be fine with him.

Then Scott's dad showed up with all the kids in tow. Mom dropped candies in their bags and spent some time guessing who everybody was. I'm sure she guessed them all wrong on purpose, but it didn't matter. Everybody was laughing at the kid's indignation, and we were all having fun.

We hung around together for about an hour, then Scott's father packed up his crew and left. Keith left with his father a few minutes later. Nick went out with Keith and walked them to the car, then came back in. My Dad sent us up to wash up and go to bed. "It's been a long day ... for all of us. Nick, I know you'll only be here a little while, but if there's anything we can do, just let us know."

"I will. I really appreciate this. You're too nice to me."

"Don't even think about it. Just be good and stay out of trouble. You'll be with your father in no time."

With that, we headed upstairs. Nick went into his room and I went into mine. I'd just gotten out of my clothes when there was a tap at my door. I thought it was my father, but Nick walked in. "Wanna sleep with me, Joey? Just tonight? There's two beds and I don't wanta be alone right now." He could pout as well as Scott.

"OK, I'll be right there."

I realized I'd been standing there in my briefs and socks. I tossed on a pair of summer shorts that had gotten way too small and headed down the hallway.

I could see which bed Nick had chosen and got in the other one. Nick was putting stuff in a dresser, but in a few minutes he got undressed and got in the other bed. I found myself looking at him. He was wearing Scott's clothes and they didn't exactly fit. Just a little tight. Especially the underpants. I could discern his ass when it was pointed towards me, then everything else when he got sideways. This boy had made me cum my pants just a few days earlier, and it had never really entered my mind to wonder what his body looked like. Nick had a really nice face, but when he pulled off his t-shirt and was getting into bed in just his underpants I was a little surprised. He wasn't much taller than me, but he was a lot more solid. You really didn't see any bones, just muscles. His dark skin made his undies seem to glow in the dark.



"This is nice. Thanks."

"No problem."



"You're not like me ... are you?"

"What ya mean?"

"I mean. I mean. Well, you're not queer are you?"

"I hope not. Sorry ... I didn't mean that the way it came out. I mean, I don't think so. I just learned what it was, so I don't know. I mean, Scott and me do the deed every chance we get, but we never touched each other. And I love him. I really, really love him. We hold hands and kiss all the time but it's not ... not sexual. Usually."


"A couple of times we both got hardons from each other. But we never did anything to each other. We been lookin' at each other's dicks for years, but we only touched them once, and that was when we were little."

"Do you think Scott is?"

"Is what?"

"Like me."

I had to think about that. Was he? Or was he just my friendly best friend? I didn't have an answer. "I don't know. Why?"

"After my shower this morning I had to, like, change in front of him. He was lookin' at me all the time. He made me try about five different underpants always saying the last ones were too small. Joey, I don't want to make any more mistakes."

"I guess you should ask Scott. Just ask him. That stuff won't embarass him. And at least you'll know where you stand. Um ... Nick?"


"What's it taste like?"

"What's what taste like?"

" ... Dick."

"It don't taste like anything, really. Just like suckin' your thumb."




"Did you taste ... cum?"


"What's that like?"

"It doesn't taste like much either. I only tasted a coupla times. The first time I sucked this guy I was really scared and I just did it a little while, then I jerked him off till he came. I got a little of it in my mouth, and it was like a little salty. Nothing much. The next time I did it I let him cum in my mouth. He was only about fifteen, and there wasn't a lot. It was a very cool feeling, though. The way it just shoots out. I didn't swallow it. He just came and most of it ran down his prick. The next time was when I got caught, so we never got that far."

"Who was this guy?"

"My guitar teacher."

"Why'd you do that with him?"

"Joey. Do you really want to know? If you do, I'll tell you."

"I wanna know."

"Well, he was just an older kid in the neighborhood. I heard him playing guitar on his back porch one day. He was just strumming chords, but I got the bug right there. I had to - needed to - play the guitar. I asked him if he'd show me and I talked Frank into getting me a guitar. This is when he was still nice to me. He got me a decent acoustic, and I started to learn a little.

"My teacher came over a couple of times a week. He just showed me basic stuff. He sounded fantastic to me at the time, but I guess he really didn't know too much. Anyhow, for about two years he'd try to show me stuff. He fascinated me. He was really nice to me, too.

"When I got a little older, about twelve, I started looking at him. At his body. Mostly below the waist. He always wore tight jeans. He wasn't a big kid - about what we are now. Joey, it's the first time somebody's ass got me turned on. One day he asked me point blank what I was looking at, and I just said 'You'. He asked me if I was a little queer boy. I didn't know what it meant, so I said 'Yeah'. He asked what I wanted to do and I told him I wanted to see his dick. He said I could if I took it out. I thought he meant me, so I pulled my pants down. He meant he wanted me to take his dick out. I did. That first time I just looked at it, but he had a hardon and asked me if I knew about cum. I didn't. He started to jerk himself off, then took my hand and told me to do it. I did. He came pretty quick. I was amazed. He told me that I did a good job and I could do it again anytime I wanted.

"We did that most every time he came over. One day, he asked if I wanted to suck on it. I asked him about the cum, and he said to just suck it for a minute to see how I liked it. I took it in my mouth. And, Joey, I liked it. It was hard and soft at the same time. I got up some spit in my mouth and started sucking. I got most of it in my mouth. He said I was hurting him with my teeth, so I stopped and jerked him off until he came. After he shot off, I took his dick back in my mouth again. It had some jizz on it. That's the first time I tasted it.

"I practiced sucking on the handle of my Mom's garden trowel. I made believe like it was a dick. I got good at keeping my teeth away. The next time he came over, I gave him a real blow job. I asked him to tell me when he was gonna cum, and I was gonna get away. But when he said it, I just pulled back a little and put my tongue over the little hole in his prick. I let him shoot right in my mouth, Joey. And I liked it. I didn't swallow it, really, just let it run out of my mouth. The day we got caught I was gonna swallow it, though Heard enough:?"

I was disgusted and excited at the same time. I couldn't imagine doing the things Nick did, but I had a super hardon from listening to it. "Nick?"


"I gotta visit the Wank Tank. Wanna come?"

"You mean cum?"

I got the message and ran downstairs for a couple of sodas and some paper towels. My parents must have gone to bed. I always grabbed sodas to have an excuse for being down there. If we didn't drink them I'd put them back in the morning.

When I got back upstairs, Nick was still under the covers. I put the sodas down, gave him half the towels, and took my shorts off. I wasn't sure exactly what to do next. Scott and I always sat side by side. After a little indecision, I went next to his bed and told him to move over. I slid in beside him, pulling the covers up to my belly button.

"Joe ... um ... are we just gonna jerk off? I mean ... by ourselves or ... are we gonna do each other?"

This caught me a little of guard. Scotty and I never really touched each other. To tell the truth, I never thought about touching him. We always beat our own meat, and that was it. Now I'd felt another hand do it to me and the thought was exciting. "Uh ... what do you want to do?"

"You." And his hand was on me, ever so gently like the last time. I mean, bass players have incredibly strong fingers, and Nick was still as gentle as a feather.

I reached over and stroked him, hopefully as gently, because guitar players are no slouches in the strong fingers department either.

It was too much for me. I was trying to do good by Nick, and I couldn't concentrate because of what he was doing to me. I muttered, "Let me just do it to you."

Nick took his hand off me, and I climbed over him for a better position, settling on my side. He's slid his underpants down, so I got as comfortable as I could and, well ... and. His dick was bigger than mine, and it seemed to like what I did with it. It was really strange, and I think because I was used to feeling both the hand and dick parts, now it was somebody else's dick in my hand, so I could only hope it felt good to Nick.

It must have, because he was squirming and making little sounds, then he suddenly erupted, and he came hard. I hadn't realized it, but he was panting, and when I looked at his face, it seemed like he'd just seen something really startling. He had this look of total surprise on him, and it turned into something like a smile when he noticed me looking.

He took a deep breath, and said, "That was awesome, Joey. Nobody ever did me before ... I never felt like this before."

I don't know what I felt, some kind of embarrassed pride I guess. I'd just had my hand on somebody else's dick, and it was a guy I was finding I liked a lot, but some things are just very weird, and this was one of them. Still, I'd done something right, because I got him off, and that was a point of pride in my confused head.

Nick took a wad of paper towels and started cleaning himself up, and I watched him do that. Then he looked right at me, "Joey ... that was the most awsome thing. Nobody ever got me off before. I never came like that before. I never even thought about cummin' that hard before. I don't know what to say. Let's trade sides."

"You don't hafta do it, Nick."

"Hehe - I'm the queer here. Don't tell me what I don't need to do. Move over."

The truth is, I didn't even care. I still had a hardon that could break bricks, but it somehow didn't feel like a horny hardon. More like one of the morning ones that's just annoying because it makes it so hard to piss. Like somehow when Nick shot he did it for both of us. I moved over anyhow. Maybe the excited feeling would come back..

"Can you just hold me for a while?" I asked.

We moved so we were face to face. We got into a comfortable hug. Chest to chest. Skin on skin.

"What's wrong, Joe?"

"Nothing, really. I just feel kinda ... used up I guess."

"Are you embarassed or something."

I thought about that. "No, I'm not embarassed. That was just so ... I don't know. I'm not thinkin' right. I'm ok. Really."

He just started stroking me gently on my back. Those finger tips again. It felt really nice. He eventually touched a spot near the top of my ass - just above my underpants. I never knew I had that spot! Suddenly, in about half a second, I was ready! He kept his hand in that area for a while. Circling around gently. I was more than ready. I was starting to squirm.

"Ok. I'm ready." I rolled over on my back. I started to push my underwear down, but pulled them back up. Let him do what he wants, I thought.

He started stroking my chest, his fingers touching so lightly they might as well have been feathers, then his hand moved south, and the second it reached my waist band, I lifted my butt and pulled my pants down. Nick started stroking me, and it felt like heaven. His head was on my chest, and I could feel his breath on my skin.

Suddenly, moving so fast that I didn't have time to think about it, he had my dick in his mouth and was sucking up and down on it. I clenched the sheets, lost in pleasure, my brain a mindless puddle of euphoria. Sensations that I'd never even imagined could exist flowed through me, and I just went with them, abandoned myself to them. Real thought was impossible, and none hit the surface until I felt an orgasm coming on, then I tried to warn Nick, but couldn't form words, so I began frantically tapping on his head, which he ignored, then it happened. I unloaded right in his mouth, and he didn't even try to get away. When I was done, I was gasping for air, my heart pounding in my chest.

I softened up quickly and suddenly felt despair! What had I just done? He still had me in his mouth. I'd gone soft. I felt terrible, knowing I'd gone too far. I'd lost control. I couldn't still be human could I? Some kind of animal, a mindless animal. I started to sob a little. This wasn't what we'd planned. Just a little wank session, right?

Nick felt me crying and scooted up beside me. "Shit, Joey, what's the matter? Did I do something wrong?"

I couldn't - didn't want to talk.

"Say something, Joe. Oh No! What's the matter?"

"I didn't want to do that," I said, almost whispering, feeling bad for both of us. In my mind I knew he had just been being himself, trying to be nice to me. I wasn't mad at him, but I felt nothing but disgust for myself. How could something so mind-blowingly powerful just happen? Things didn't really just happen. I mean, lightning happens. This was caused. By people. By me and Nick. If I said stop he would have. If I said anything at all he would at least have talked about it. But I didn't. I didn't do a damn thing. This was my friend. My new friend. I'd just cum in his mouth. I'd been all excited. I only had to say something, anything, and it would have ended. The more I thought of it the more I hated myself. I grabbed Nick and started to cry in earnest.

He was crying, too. I kept hearing him say how sorry he was. Over and over. When I finally calmed down I said "It wasn't you, Nick. It wasn't you."

"Then, what?"

"I just feel so rotten, like I used you. I want you to be my friend. Friends don't use friends. I should'a told you to stop. I didn't. I didn't even think to. I thought we were just gonna jerk off. I really didn't want that to happen - what you did - but I didn't try to stop you. Now I feel like shit. Like a big user. I see the users around school and I hate the way they are, and now I'm no better." I was starting to sob again. Great chest-heaving sobs. Nick pulled the covers up over us.

"Don't feel that way, Joey. It's my fault. I just jumped your bones without even askin'. I'm the asshole. You didn't stop me and I just figured you wanted to do it, too. I should'a asked. You know something?"


His face appeared right in front of mine, and he looked as worried as I felt.

"Your Dad's right. We're too young for this shit. It's too strong. We gotta grow up, Joe. I just wanted to be your friend. And then I just go jumping all over you. I'm sorry, Joey. I'm really sorry."

I looked away, "I'm sorry, too. You're right. We are too young. I mean, older people can control it, right?"

"I hope so, 'cause I sure can't."

I muttered, "Me either."

"Still friends?"

I smiled, "Still friends."

We fell asleep holding each other, in the same bed, in just our underpants.

... continued

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