The Quarry

By Driver

Chapter 18

Timmy fell right to sleep, but I laid awake thinking of everything we'd talked about. I was really confused, but happy that Tim was there and seemed alright. I was feeling better about myself, too. I just wished there was something more that I could do for him.

I woke up early the next morning. I could hear Wes and Judy in the kitchen. Tim was sound asleep beside me and I didn't want to wake him up. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom, then into my room for my shirt. I went into the kitchen to find Wes and Judy at the table with most of their breakfast still in front of them.


Wes greeted me, "Hey, Dave. Kinda early for you, isn't it?"

"I guess."

"You get things worked out with Tim? He sure seems like a nice boy."

"He is nice. He's my best friend. I guess we got as far as we can by ourselves. I still got some things to figure out, but I think we're ok now."

He smiled, "I hope so, kid. I could see the connection you guys have. I guess that's how I figured out who he was. Be a shame to lose that."

"Thanks, Wes. Um, is there any money left? I wanna give Timmy something for gas."

"Sure. How much you need?"

"I don't know what gas costs. Is there like twenty bucks or something?"

"Yup. I'll get it when I'm done eating. Help yourself if you're hungry."

"Thanks, but I'm gonna wait for Tim. I gotta take a shower. I'll be right back."

I took my shower and went into the bedroom to get dressed. There were two twenties and a map of Vermont on the dresser. When I was done, I grabbed some new underpants and socks for Tim and went to wake him up. He was already awake and complaining of a hangover. I told him to get cleaned up, then we could eat. I handed him the clothes, not really thinking about it.

"Are these yours? They'll never fit."

"Tim, they're brand new. They'll fit Santa Claus until they get washed. I hate putting on dirty underwear after I take a shower. Just go get clean and I'll see what there is to eat."

I whipped up a huge breakfast while Tim was getting ready. Judy knew that I really liked the big fat sausages that she got locally, and there was a good supply. I made us three each, and toast and pancakes. I waited for Tim before I started the eggs, which wouldn't take long.

"I hope you're hungry. I made a lot," I said when he walked into the kitchen.

Tim licked his lips, "I could eat this whole house! Do you wanna do something today?"

"Wes left a map of Vermont. How about a ride? I got some gas money for ya anyhow."

Tim had a mouthful, and gulped it down, "These sausages are great! I wanna bring some home. A ride? Like just drive around?"

"Why not? The other guys did a few weeks ago, and they loved it up in the mountains. I don't think it's very far."

"Sounds good."

We finished and cleaned up. I found Judy, and she marked out a ride she thought we'd like, telling us some landmarks so we'd recognize the turns. It was the perfect day - not a cloud in the sky. Judy had given us a couple of back roads over to Route 100, then said to just head north. Tim and I both loved it. The roads were narrow and twisty, and the scenery changed after every bend, but it was all beautiful. We stopped at a few antique shops, but the stuff was really expensive.

"You should just look in the barn. Everything's old in there," I suggested.

Tim was happily excited, "When we get back I will. I'm lovin' this road!"


"What's up?"

"I ... um ... I wanna give you something."

"What's that?"

.".. me."

He hit the brakes and pulled over. "You?"

"Yeah. Why not? I know how to do the stuff you want . And I don't mind. Why shouldn't it be with you?"

He stared at me. His chest started heaving a little. He leaned his forehead on the steering wheel. I was thinking I'd said the wrong thing.

"Dave ... Davy. You really think I just wanna have sex? You are so wrong, man. So fuckin' wrong!"

"What, then? What makes you gay if it's not sex - who you have it with? Isn't that the only difference?"

Tim stayed like he was for a minute, then sat back and looked me right in the eyes. "It's not about sex, Davy. It's about love. Sex should be great ... fantastic ... if you're in love. It's not who you have sex with, it's who you love. I'd love to share sex with you. The key word here is share! I don't want it if it's like some fuckin' present. Can ya hear me, Dave? Are ya listenin' to me? I want more than a freebie from a ...."

I winced, "Boy whore?"

That shocked Tim, "I didn't say that. I didn't mean that."

"I know you didn't. It's just what I ... was. Just forget I said it, okay."

He pulled back on the road. "Okay. Thanks, I guess. I know you were just tryin' to be nice."

"I'm such a nice guy."

Tim smiled slyly, "What'd you have in mind, anyhow."

"Oh, I don't know."

"Come on!"

"Whatever you wanted, Tim. Okay? Whatever you wanted."

"You had to go say somethin'. Now I do want it."


"I don't know, Dave. Now ya got me thinkin' I can do somethin' I only dreamed about. It was only ever dreams. I don't know how to do anything. I only know how to think about it."

"I could show you ... if you want."

"Fuck, Dave. I really want it to be different than that. I want to love you and you to love me. You had sex with so many guys. I want to be special."

"You are special, Tim. To me, anyhow. You're my favorite person."

"It's not what I mean and you know it. I want to do it in bed ... our bed. Not in some damn car seat. Can ya hear me yet? It's you I want, Davy. Just you. An' I know your head's screwed on backwards right now. If we did somethin' now I'd just be takin' advantage."

"Of me?"

"Yes, you. You just told me yesterday that you've been all messed up for months. Just 'cause we're tryin' to be friends again don't mean you have to do this."

"You think we're friends again after ...?"

"I do. I never stopped, but now you know what that's about. Dave ... I just want you to get put back together and figure things out for yourself. After that, if you come to me and say take a hike, I will. It's not what I want. You know what I want, but I want you to be happy, too. Dammit! Why'd you have to bring this up? Why's it gotta be so hard?"

"You hard?"

He smiled uncomfortably, "You're a prick."

"I'm hard, Tim. I haven't got off in almost two months. Not even a wet dream. How about we just whack off together?"

"How 'bout we just drive for a while?"

I gave up. "Okay."

"Until we find somewhere."

I looked at him. "Somewhere what?"

Tim took his eyes off the road for a second. He grinned. "Somewhere private."

"You havin' second thoughts?"

"Second ... Third ... Fourth ... You should be thinkin' about jumpin' out the window right now."

"I thought you wanted to wait!"

"I just did."



"About two minutes! What about what you said? What about love and all that?"

"What about it? Tell me about love, Dave. I want to hear it."

"I don't know about love, Timmy. You ought'a know that by now. I do know that right now I got a horn to put a rhinoceros to shame!"

"You're always braggin' about that thing."

"Not braggin'. Just statin' the facts, ma'am."

"So! What're we gonna do?"

Wrong question! Suddenly I felt cheap. I know Tim didn't mean to make me feel that way. I made myself feel that way. I started the day thinking I needed to give something to Timmy, now I wanted to take those thoughts back. Two seconds ago I would have done anything he wanted. Now he wanted me to tell him what that was. I couldn't. I didn't want to anymore. I put my head in my hands. What a creep! "Tim ....?"

He must have seen the change in me. "How about we just go nose around the barn? I wanna see what's in there."

"You can still read my mind? Thanks, Timmy."

"Don't thank me, Dave. What I said before is really how I feel. I just thought ...."

I looked over at him. "Thought what, Tim."

"That it might be my only chance. I was just bein' dumb, Davy. Just bein' dumb. I'd rather not have it than think I just took it. Ya hear me now, Davy? Ya get what I'm saying?"

I did. I finally did. This kid loved me ... really loved me. He honestly didn't want only what he could have paid for at the motel. He wanted me. All of me. In one piece. He'd wait. Forever, probably, until I faced my demons and figured myself out. I loved Tim right then more than I'd ever loved anyone. I still didn't know if it was the kind of love he wanted back. "I love you, Tim, I really do, but ..."

"I know, Dave. I know. I'll wait. I can want what I want 'til the end of time. If it ain't what you want, it won't ever be right. You understand now, anyhow. I guess I'll be happy knowin' that."

It took about another hour before we got back to the farm. Nobody was around, so we ate lunch and went out to poke around the barn. There was a lot of interesting junk there, and we looked around for about an hour. Tim was hoping that Wes would explain some of his old tools. I decided I hadn't gotten much exercise in the last two days and asked Tim if he wanted to go for a walk. We headed up a dirt road that ran uphill between a meadow on the right and some woods on the left. I'd walked up here a few times and really liked the views of the hills and fields, the stone walls and fences, the occasional rooftop in the distance. Tim liked it, too, and we walked in silence most of the way, only speaking to point something out to the other. It was warm out and we took our shirts off and tied them around our waists after a few minutes. The road ended near the top of a hill and we walked to the very crest, which turned out to be a big fat slab of rock, making a little cliff.

I sat on the edge and Tim sat behind with his legs around mine and wrapped his arms around me. I felt his chin on my head. I also felt a lot of warm skin, his chest against my back and his fingers on my stomach. I got a hardon.

"Timmy, I ....."


"I ... you ... you're givin' me a hardon."


"Yeah. You."


Then he did something I never expected. He dropped his hand into my lap and started feeling me. If his tongue had been between his teeth he would have bitten it off when I jumped. "It's hard, alright. I'm doin' that?"

"Yeah, you're doin' that. Who the hell ya think's doin' it?"

"Feel good?"

Boy, did it ever! The tension of the last few days just drained out of me. I leaned back into him and spread my legs a little. "Mmmm. It feels real good. If you try to stop you're goin' face-first off this cliff."

"Ohh, threats! I'll stop when I feel like it."

I sighed, "When's that gonna be?"

"Um, Christmas, maybe?"

"That soon? Uh ... you really want me to cum in my pants? Lemme do somethin' here."

Tim backed off and I got up. There was a grassy area near the woods and I walked over there. I wasn't really sure what I should do, so I spread my shirt on the grass and laid down on it. I could see that Tim was hesitant, but he came and laid on his side next to me. He was just looking at me. I finally grabbed his hand and put it back on my dick. He started stroking again, very gently. I was going nuts, it felt so good. I reached down and undid my belt, then went for my snap and zipper. Tim brushed my hand away and did it himself, then went back to stroking me through my underwear. I was getting close. I lifted my butt and pushed my pants and underpants down past my ass, then laid back down. My dick's not really a monster - it was about seven inches hard then, but thicker than most. Tim hesitantly ran his fingers through what little pubic hair had grown back, then cupped my balls for a moment. We were just looking at each other, but it would be impossible to describe his face right then. I guess if there's a look that says 'I've been waiting for this a long time', maybe that's what was in his eyes. I could tell he was either nervous or excited because his trembling fingers were driving me nuts. He finally grabbed on to me and started stroking gently. That's all it took. I shuddered and dropped my load. I don't know if it was because it had been bottled up for so long, or if the mechanisms had forgotten how to work, but it started to just kind of run out of me. The last two spasms tried to come out as squirts, but there wasn't much left by then. I looked at Tim. He was still looking at my face. He smiled.

"Awesome, man. I can't believe I did that. Was it ok? I mean ... I don't know what I mean. I don't know what to think right now. You're ok?"

Tim's look had turned to one of concern. He loved me - it was right on his face, in his eyes.

I found myself close to tears, almost wanting to love him back the way he wanted. Could I? I certainly loved him as a person. Before all the turmoil started he had felt special to me. We had a special friendship and everything felt right when we were together doing things.

His questions yesterday still had me thinking. What if I was gay? I mean, could I be and not know it? I had never had jerkoff fantasies because I hardly ever jerked off. I did have wet dreams, but what had they been about? I had no recollection of them when I woke up. I sat up and grabbed my shirt and cleaned myself up with it. Tim wiped his hand on it. I didn't know what to do.

"Your turn,", I said.

"You sure? You don't hafta, Davy. I'm serious."

I rolled right on top of him and looked him in the eyes. "You're gettin' yours, Tim." I reached back and cupped him gently in my hand. He almost broke both our noses when he jumped. "Ouch! Calm down, boy." I left my hand where it was. "Change sides."

I rolled over him and laid on my side just as he had. His look had changed again. A little fear mixed with expectation now. I started stroking him. He was definitely hard, and it felt like his dick was in an uncomfortable position, so I undid his pants right away and it kind of popped straight as soon as his zipper was down. I was trying to think what to do. I mean I had all the experience and could do a lot of things, but I didn't want to scare him, so I figured I'd do exactly what he had done.

I started just stroking him beneath his balls, then across them and along his dick. He was hard as a rock. I increased the pressure and his breathing got short. His eyes closed. I took my hand off his dick altogether and traced a line down the middle of his chest with my finger, pausing at his belly button. Then I lifted my hand and put it on his leg, stroking and tickling his inner thigh at the same time. I worked my way back up to his dick and just tickled up and down it with one finger. I could tell he was going nuts, so I put my hand inside his underwear and cupped his balls, then ran my fingers through his pubes, stroking the bottom of his dick as I went. He lifted up and pushed his clothes down.

I looked at what I had in my hand. The photographers would have loved it. Tim's dick was straight as an arrow, about seven inches, and circumcised. Almost perfectly smooth, and as white as the area around it, no veins really showing or anything. I latched on and started stroking. He didn't last any longer than me. He made a noise and started to spew. He was a good cummer, if that's a word. One spurt almost reached his neck. The rest didn't go that far, but I counted seven squirts, the last one being a little dribble onto my finger. I let go and licked it off. He saw me.

We just laid there looking at each other for a while. When Tim's breathing steadied, I took my shirt and found a dry part, then cleaned him up. Suddenly it seemed kind of funny. We'd both been up tight about this all day, now we'd done something, and it felt good. I had to stifle a laugh.

"Not too bad, huh?" I cracked.

Tim's look was one of pure astonishment. "I ... we ... heh, heh. I'm weldin' you to my fender, man! You ain't ever goin' away again. Never! Never ever. Not without me!"

"Jeez, Tim. It was just a jerkoff."

"JUST? I'm the jerkoff artist of all time. That was not just a jerkoff. I almost came in my eye, man. I hardly ever get past my belly button."

I just smiled at him. He smiled back. I started to chuckle. "Jerkoff artist, huh? Howcum I never knew that? I never even thought about you doin' it. You were thinkin' of me?" I have no idea why that struck me funny.

"Don't tease me about it. Please, Davy. You just never jerked off, so I never said anything. Okay?"

I laid down so my head was on his shoulder. Every time I inhaled, a single stray strand of his long hair tried to work it's way up my nose. "I don't wanna tease you, Tim. Not about this. I'm glad you did it ... we did it. You don't feel bad, do ya?"

"No ... I just wish we did it before ...."

"Before ... like before I ever got into that shit?"

"Yeah ... that's just what I mean. It would'a been so perfect if it was just us ... the first time, I mean."

I felt terrible. "I stole that from ya too, didn't I?"

"It's not your fault, really. I never said anything. How would you know? I could'a just grabbed your nuts and took my chances. I was too chicken."

"I wish you did, Tim. I wish you did. Somethin' would'a changed. If it made me hate fags I'da never met Artie, never. I would'a just popped Rafe in the nose and never even met his friends."

"And if it didn't ... didn't make you hate fags?"

"Oh, man. Timmy ... this could'a been the ten thousandth time instead of the first."

"You're gettin' deep."

"I know," I said. "Wanna stand up so I can see your ass?"

"You want ....?"

"I just wanna see it, man. Stand up. I ain't gonna jump ya." I started pulling my shoes off, then my pants and underwear. I put the sneakers back on. "We can walk naked for a while ... check each other out. See if it's what ya thought, Tim. There's nothin' left to be bashful about." I picked up my shirt by a dry corner of the collar, then my pants, and headed down the hill. I looked back and Tim was doing the same thing. I stopped and waited, looking off into the woods until he passed me. His bum was still pressed up with whatever he'd been laying in, but his whole backside got me wondering if I might actually be queer. He had long legs, a tidy butt, broad shoulders and perfect posture. He looked good. I thought of my father always making me stand up straight, sit up straight. I trotted up after him.

"You look great, Tim. How'd I ever kick your butt?"

"I let you."

"You're full of it! You didn't know anything. If you fought back I'da killed ya."

"Yeah, well ... maybe. I could'a just sat on ya, you know. Seen enough of my ass? You go ahead for a while."

I did for about a minute, then I was suddenly self conscious. I stood to the side and started to put my clothes on, minus the shirt, of course.

"Gettin' bashful?" Tim smiled.

I turned around to look at Tim. He was watching my butt disappear into my underwear. "I ain't bashful, man. Just modest. Yeah ... modest."


"I am gettin' a little embarrassed. It was a real stupid idea, huh?"

"You've had dumber ideas. I kinda like it. You got a great butt, ya know."

Now I blushed, only because I knew he meant it. Things were different than they were yesterday. I knew what he wanted. I knew I could give it to him no problem ... sex anyhow ... teach him even. I just didn't want to.

Yes, I did want to! Being with him made me miss missing him. All that time - me stoned, Tim grieving - missing me. I wanted to make it up all at once, make up for being the creep I'd been. I'd been gone for months and not given him even a spare thought. Now he was right here naked in front of me. Not embarrassed. He had a great laugh, but somehow he always seemed to carry an inner sadness.

I thought back to when we were first starting to become friends. Mornings were always fine - he'd have a plan and a lot of energy to put into it. As the day wore on and he got tired, the spark would fade. Later, I'd see him sitting off by himself. He could look so sad - mournful almost. Dejected.

I always figured it was his family life - he didn't really want to go home. Now I was wondering if it was something else. If it was me. I had pictures of his sad, tired face going through my mind. I felt responsible for it. Why couldn't he be straight? Why couldn't I be queer? Was it like he said ... just me? Could I be like that to him- just queer for him? I wondered if I could, and he was getting that sad look in his eyes again. They were just less focused. Tired. All that energy from the morning had faded. He seemed to be far away right then.

I walked up to him, stood facing him, looked at his tired eyes. I reached for his dick and cupped it and his balls in my hand. "Timmy, don't fade out man. You always do that. I'm right here. I'm stayin' right here, Tim." He looked a little surprised, but I'm not sure if it was what I said or what my hand was doing. He was starting to stiffen. I got to my knees and took him in my mouth. I put my hands on his ass cheeks. He was only half hard. That didn't last long. He was as hard as a rock in about two more seconds.

"Dave ...."

I knew how to give movie blowjobs and money blowjobs. The movie ones had to last until it was time for a cumshot. The money ones I got done as fast as I could so I could do another. I thought that if I was going to do this I'd go somewhere in between. He was too excited, and blew his load before I really started sucking at all.


I had his cum in my mouth. I had always swallowed quick so I wouldn't have to taste it. This was Timmy. It was different. I let his dick slide out and churned the stuff around in my mouth, letting it mix with my saliva. I thought about swallowing it, but spit it on the ground. I'm not sure why I did that, it just seemed right at the time. I leaned my face onto his tummy and just rested it there. A long silence followed. I could feel Tim's heartbeat through his belly button.

"Jesus, Dave!"


He giggled breathlessly, "You tryin' to tell me somethin' here?"

"I don't know, Tim. I don't know. I want you to be happy. I want to make you happy. You're always so sad. You always were. If I can make you happy I want to. I always wanted to."

Tim sat down, bringing me with him. He hugged me to his chest. "Dave, that was so totally awesome ... I can't believe you did it. I can't believe I only lasted for ten seconds. My dreams ... oh ... man, my dreams. Tell me you love me? Lie to me if you have to. I just want to hear it ... just once?"

.".. Tim ... I love you." I did. Just not the unqualified love he wanted, but I didn't qualify my statement.

He got tears in his eyes, so I guess he qualified it himself. I hugged him back and just laid my head on his chest and sighed. I had an argument going on with myself in my head. I wanted to actually mean what I'd just said, but I couldn't. I really did love Timmy, but I didn't want to be queer by doing it. Was I? Why couldn't I find the comfort and happiness that Rafe and Brian had? Was I something else ... something in between? How could I do what I just did and not be gay? Nothing made any sense now. I felt completely and totally weird.



"Want me to do it to you?"

I didn't. I really didn't want him to, not right then anyhow. How to say it? "Timmy, I ... uh ... not right now, okay? Later?"

"Sure. Later."

"Don't get mad. I mean, I wouldn't mind ... I'm just not horny right now."

"Not at all?"

"It's not you Tim. Really, it isn't. This thing hasn't worked in two months. I really feel kinda weird now. Let's just see if Wes is around. Maybe he can tell us about the stuff in the barn."

"I'm not grossin' you out?"

I looked up at him. "There's nothin' gross about you, Tim. I just can't right now. Don't go thinkin' it's somethin' about you. It's just me."

"Then let's go see what the old tools were used for" He grinned evilly, "This young one's pretty useless right now."

"Har Har. Very funny. Let's get dressed. We gotta stop at the brook so I can wash this shirt out."

We got our clothes on and headed downhill. I guess Tim started to feel better about things. He trotted way ahead of me, and when I finally caught up he was leaning against a fence watching me walk down. He had a playful look on his face, and when I got near him he ran downhill again. I kept walking, then suddenly he ran from the woods behind me and slapped my ass as he went past. It was the kind of silly stuff we'd always done at Ken's place. When I finally got down to the road he was nowhere in sight, so I went over to the brook to rinse out my shirt. Timmy was already there, leaning against a tree waiting for me with a dopey grin on his face.

"What a poke! What took so long?" This was the old Timmy, relaxed and happy.

"You sure look happy."

"I am happy. Why shouldn't I be happy? Look at your shirt. Look at what's on it. I never thought it would happen, Dave. That's me and you on there ... me and you together. Does walkin' downhill get you as horny as uphill does?"

"You got me horny, Tim. Not walking. Shut up for a minute. I gotta clean this shirt."

"Oh, sure, now I can just shut up? You sure wanted me to talk yesterday. Wash your lousy shirt, then get your butt over here so I can talk some more. I still got a lot to say." He was grinning.

I washed my shirt in the brook until it looked clean and my hands were blue. That water was freezing! I draped it on some rocks in the sun, then looked back at Tim. He was sitting with his legs wide. When he saw me look he just pointed at the ground between his legs. He put a real hopeful look on his face and I went and sat in front of him. He put his arms around me and his chin on my head.

Then he let out a big sigh and pulled me tight to him. "It was me, huh?"

"What was you?"

"I got you horny?"

I was feeling a lot of warm skin again. Tim dropped his head onto my shoulder and sighed again. He started rocking me side to side very gently. He relaxed his grip and started to stroke my sides. It tickled and I laughed. "What're ya doin' now? That tickles."

"Is it working?"

"Is what working?"

"Are ya gettin' horny again?"

I was. Sonovabitch, I was! Damned if I'd tell him though. "I can't tell. You find out and let me know."

He dropped his right hand to my crotch and started stroking me. "It is kinda hard to tell, huh? I think you might be a little horny. Stretch out a little ... that's better. Um ... it's hard to tell with you Italians. I feel something ... yeah ... might be just a coupl'a tomatoes and a zucchini or something." He lifted his head a little and gave my ear a quick lick. "Yeah, probably just Italian food is all. What do you think?"

"I think you're losing it. I'm gonna lose it, too. What do you want, Tim?"

"I wanna do ... what you did."

"Can't you say it?"

"I ... never did."

"It's a blowjob, Timmy. A blowjob. I gave you a blowjob. I sucked your dick. You like history - that was the fastest one ever on this planet. Make sure you send a letter to the paper when you get back. People should know when stuff like that happens. Now ... you got somethin' you wanna say?"

"Yeah! If you think you can joke your way out of this you got another think comin'. I'm gonna ... um ... I ... I'm gonna suck your dick. If you don't let me I'm gonna put you in that brook until you're frozen stiff, then I'll do it anyhow. Man! These vegetables got a life of their own or what?" My dick was twitching like crazy from his stroking.

"If you're gonna do somethin' do it now or there ain't gonna be anything left. Let's go in the woods. Wes walks along here sometimes."

Tim kissed my neck, then let go of me. I got up, then turned to help him. He looked at my crotch and smiled at his handiwork. He grabbed my hand and got to his feet. He didn't let go of my hand, just started into the woods still holding it. When we got far enough I turned to look at him. He was nervous, but didn't look afraid. I whispered, "It's your dream, Timmy. Only you know how it goes. You gotta lead the way. You gotta show me."

Tim sat down, pulling me with him. He pulled his shirt from around his waist and spread it on the ground, then gently pushed me onto my back on top of it. He leaned over and looked in my eyes for a second, then sat back and pulled off first his shoes, then his jeans. Then he moved and pulled my sneaks off and came back beside me, looking in my eyes again. His hand reached for my belt and pulled it open. He stroked slowly along the length of my dick, then undid my snap and pulled down the zipper. He reached inside and felt me for a second through my underpants, then moved again and tugged at my jeans. I lifted my butt and he pulled them to my knees, then moved and pulled the cuffs until they were off.

"Timmy ... this is really turnin' me on."

He leaned over and looked in my eyes again, then said, "Well, here goes. Tell me if ya think you're gonna cum." I still had my underpants on, but he grabbed my dick a little roughly and started to position himself near it.

He reached inside my underwear and pushed the front of them just past my dick and balls. He took hold of me and pointed it in the general direction of his face. He leaned forward, closer and closer, until he could reach me. He licked the head of my dick, ever so softly and quickly. Then again, this time more surely, and with a wetter tongue. He opened his mouth and took me in just past the head and started licking faster and harder, almost slurping.

Dreams must be good teachers. Tim gave me a real movie blow job, bringing me to the brink three times before I yelled I was about to cum. He never deep-throated me, never caught me with a tooth. There was something so sensual about still having my underwear on - he let them cover my balls and stroked me through the soft cloth, then put his hand inside and stroked my skin. And his mouth - those lips and that tongue. How many dreams had it taken to develop such a skill? It wasn't just a skill, it was an art form! When I finally said I was going to cum he pulled off and pointed my dick away a little so it wouldn't go all over me. From where his face ended up it looked like he was aiming a pistol, and he might as well have been.

Things were definitely working again, and I squirted over and over with the most powerful orgasm of my life. Tim lifted his head and looked at my face, then took me in his mouth again until I went soft. He let me go after a moment and slid up beside me. His eyes might as well have had question marks instead of pupils in them. It made me smile, then grin.

"You ought'a be in the movies Tim. You're so good at expressin' yourself. I mean you're good at it."

His eyes brightened. "It was good? Tell the truth. Was I really okay? It's my first time."

"Timmy, I never felt so good in my life. You were fantastic. Just fantastic. Amazing! You can tell me ... you been practicing a lot, haven't you?"

He just looked at me. "Mental practice, I guess. You really feel good?"

I just grinned and pulled him into me. I could tell there was a problem. It was poking me in the side. I pushed Tim onto his back and moved down to his crotch. I wanted to do it just like he had, with his underpants still on. I started stroking his balls and nibbled on his shaft right through the cloth, then pulled the front down to expose him. I was hoping he could hold on a little longer this time. He'd already cum twice, and it took about ten seconds both times. I took him in my mouth, just barely touching him with my wet lips and tongue. I slid down until I had it all, then back up. I was stroking the bottom of his balls through the underwear. Doing it like that felt good to me, too. I tried to sense when he was on the brink, then back off to tease him like he did me. He held on for a long time before he begged me to make him cum. I increased the suction and the pressure I was putting on his balls, and he blew another powerful load into my mouth. I swallowed it without thinking and held him in my mouth until he began to soften. I pulled back up beside him.

"Holy shit, Dave! That was incredible! I think you found a new valve or something." He looked at me and screwed his face up funny, and started to giggle. "You got ... there's ...."


"There's somethin' on your lip. Oh, man, Davy, I can't believe you did that. I can't believe you let me do that. Like, all my dreams ... now it's real." He hugged me tight to him. "I love you, man. I really do. You are somethin' else."

"You're somethin' else too, Tim. You're the most real person I ever met. Was it what you thought it'd be?"

"Better, Dave. So much better. There ain't no way to imagine somethin' like that. No way."

We laid there in the woods for a short while, then I thought it must be almost time for supper.

"I'm gettin' hungry. You?"

"Yeah, I guess. Thanks, Dave. Just one thing?"

"Sure. What's that?"

"I love you."

... to be continued

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